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Sleep Apnea 

Today’s dentist should know about the rapidly increasing population of patients that are diagnosed with sleep apnea. This condition can cause significant burdens on patients and their spouses, with both medical and emotional side effects. The dental office may be a primary place where patients at risk for sleep apnea can be identified and pointed toward diagnosis and treatment. Dentists can play an important role in the treatment of this difficult problem. The oral appliance is a frequently used and very successful technique for treating sleep apnea. Yankee plans to be the first major dental meeting to host a session involving the various laboratory providers. We would like to invite you to participate in this 2017 program. Complimentary CE On the show floor 

3-D Printing in Dentistry: The Present and the (very near) Future

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3-D printing is a technology that is getting ready to burst into our dental lives. This new manufacturing process has been “behind the scenes” in dentistry for quite some time, having been used by labs and dental manufacturers for several years. The most contemporary labs have used 3-D printers to make crown and bridge units as well as implant abutments and crowns. Dentists will soon have access to in-office printers that can increase the level of care and simultaneously lower cost. The availability of materials and ready access to these sophisticated units is predicted to grow exponentially in the near future. This presentation will provide you with the knowledge to understand and engage this coming technological innovation in our profession. Complimentary CE On the show floor 

Third annual INTERPROFESSIONAL SYMPOSIUM: Ctl-Alt-Delete: Rebooting the Approach to Pain Management

Are you interested in trying to find alternative ways to navigate pain management for your patients without using medication? Come listen to experts who practice varying specialties such as hypnosis, acupuncture, chiropractics, and physical therapists discuss how they successfully manage pain in their field of expertise. The collaboration between the medical and dental field will provide insight about alternative methods and highlight the importance of both fields working together to find ways to successfully manage pain.

New dentist itinerary 

New DentistFree and discounted courses for new dentists. We want to make sure you get the most out of your time at Yankee, so we have dedicated a whole day just to you! 

YANKEE FAST TRACK: Pain Management and Prescription Monitoring

As part of Governor Baker’s response to this crisis the Massachusetts Dental Community came together to issue a Task Force document which sets forth several educational objectives for our dental students and dental practitioners.

This track provides lectures covering issues related to the opioid crisis providing a comprehensive review for the dental practitioner to diagnose and manage patients safely in the dental office while complying with current best practice guidelines and regulations. 

Cerec for all:

CEREC2017Doctors and Staff Have the Opportunity to Learn about CEREC throughout Yankee 2017. Drs. Pete Gardell and Rich Rosenblatt will offer hands-on programs for the assistant and dentist. They will also present lectures and discuss how to master efficiency in a CEREC appointment. 

dental team playbook

Join your peers for a morning session to focus on skills specific to your field. Break for a luncheon program and join together for a powerful afternoon program to create positive communications, attitudes, and interactions among all team members!


Specialty symposia

    Orthodontic Specialty Symposium 

    Pediatric Specialty Symposium

    Endodontic Specialty Symposium 

    Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialty Symposium 

    Osseointegration Specialty Symposium 



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