• Exhibit Floor Classrooms

    Yankee 2016 will offer classrooms on the exhibit show floor for companies that wish to present lectures or hands-on courses for attendees. These lectures are free to attendees and will be included in the Program Book.

    ClassroomRooms will be available in 2 and 3 hour time slots. Courses will run Thursday, January 28 through Saturday, January 30. Selection of a classroom location and time slots is on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to participate in these classrooms your company must be a contracted YDC 2016 exhibitor.

    Apply Online| Download Application (pdf)


    Corporate Forums

    These manufacturer hosted educational sessions allow you to provide continuing education to attendees. Companies must send the speaker's course outline and resume by the deadline to be included in the official Yankee Program Book. Corporate Forums are free for attendees. The YDC Program Committee will review courses to determine if CE credits will apply to the course being offered.

    Apply Online | Download Application (pdf)

    Live Dentistry Symposium

    At Yankee 2016 your company will have the unique opportunity to present a live dentistry program on the exhibit hall floor. These courses will be listed in the Yankee Program Book at no cost to attendees.

    Live Dentistry

    Yankee Dental congress will provide the stage in the exhibit hall, A/V equipment, a dental operatory and a seating area for 125 attendees. The programs will also have a televised view of the procedures. The company is responsible to provide the clinician, patient, and moderator if desired.

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  • Contact Us?

    Contact the Exhibits Department at (508) 449-6059
  • Exhibitor Warning
    Third party companies who are not official YDC vendors, have been soliciting exhibitors for room reservations, lead retrieval units, list rentals, and other trade show products and services. These organizations may misrepresent themselves as YDC official vendors. Exhibitors may be contacted by fax, e-mail, or phone with offers for cut rate services.  Please visit YDC’s list of Official Vendors. Direct any questions to YDC Exhibits.

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