Yankee Dental Congress 2015

Signage Sponsorships


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Directional Banners


Directional Banner 1 (2014)






Directional Banners


North Lobby Escalators
Two 9'w X 15'h vertical banners, double-sided,
hang over escalators in the North Lobby going up
to level 2
$4,500 for both


Northwest Corridor Directional Banners
On Level 1, six 15' 5' horizontal, double sided

4 Signs: $5,000
6 Signs: $9,000

3. Directional banner 3 (2014)


Directional in front of Coffee Stations
5'h X 8'w, double sided
$2,500 for both



East & West Corridor Banners

4. East West Corridor 4 (2014)

Two Corner Banners
In the East and West corridors, 12' X 12'
$6,500 per banner



North Lobby Banners


North Lobby 5 (2014)


  Registration Area
Two spots Available, '7 X 14' double sided
$2000 per banner



Escalator Banners

6. Escalator Banners  

Escalator Banners four 7' X 12' double sided
$2,000 per banner


Lecture Corridor Signs

7.  Lecture Corridor 7 (2014)

Stand Alone Signs
8" X 80" free standing double sided signs with your company advertisement in the hallway. Attendees will see your message for three days as they go in and out of classes.
$400 per set of 2


Exhibit Hall Banners

8. Exhibit Hall Banners 8 (2014) 9. Aisle Sign EH

Banner Hangs at the Main Entrance
to the exhibits, and can be seen
from registration. 10’ X 30’ double sided
$7,000 per banner

  Aisle Signs
Twenty-eight 4’ X 4’ vertical signs, double sided
10. Skybridge 1 11. Exhibit Hall Banner 11 (2014)

Skybridge 1 
Three 10’ X 30’ banners run along
the outside of the bridge
$5,000 per banner

  Glass Skybridge Banner
A 20' X 50' banner is hung in the center of the skybridge wall. All attendees can see this as they enter the show floor.
12. Exhibit Hall Banners 12 (2014)  
  Escalators to show floor
Two 15’ X 15’ double sided
$6,000 for both

Column Wraps


Column Wraps (2014)


Column Wraps
These are available in several different options.
Wraps are four panels, 37.75" X 89.25" per panel.
Column wraps are sold in sets of four in the locations listed below.
$2,600 per set of 4


Level 0- Four columns where attendees are dropped off from the rear and satellite
parking lots.
Level 1- East Side - buses are dropping from the hotels. Eight columns available.
Level 1- West Side - buses are dropping from the hotels. Eight columns available.
Level 1- NE Lobby Pre-function, East Side of building, across from coffee stations. Four columns available.
Level 1- NW Lobby Pre-function, West Side of building, across from coffee stations. Four columns available
Level 2- East Side - located outside classrooms. Eight columns available
Level 2- West Side - located outside classrooms. Eight columns available

North Lobby Signs

14. North Lobby Registration 14 (2014) 15. Program at a Glance 15 (2014)

Incorporate your name and logo into YDC
registration panels and signage.


Each day's courses/events are highlighted on a prop in the reg area. Your ad will go into four slots on the prop.

16. Program at a Glance 15 (2014) 17. North Lobby CE Pavillion 17 (2014)

Welcome Center
Six welcome centers will have your company information greet attendees as they enter the BCEC.


Continuing Education Pavilion
The North Lobby pavilion will highlight your company name and logo in 4’ x 4’ signs. Computers will have your name and logo on the screen saver as well as the course print out


Lounge Signs

18. The Lounge 2013 19. Clinician Volunteer Lounge 19 (2014)


The Lounge
Attendees can catch up with colleagues in our lounge located on the exhibit hall floor. Sponsorship includes pre-show promotion in all YDC publications, website, and on-site signage.
Fee: $12,000


Clinician & Volunteer Lounge
This is a premier location for your advertising. 450 speakers and 900 YDC volunteers use this room each day. Your customized message runs over 40' of wall. Materials and samples may be distributed
Fee: $8,500


Props and Graphics

20. Stair Decals 21. Sponsor Prop 21 (2014)

Stair Decals
Two sets of stairs run from the North Lobby landing down to the exhibit hall floor. Graphics are 64.5” x 4.25”.


Sponsor Props
These 11’ x 8’ double sided props highlight your product(s) and or services. Props can be in your choice of location.

22. BCEC Skybridge 22 (2014) 23. #28

BCEC Skybridge
Twelve 3’ x 5’ double sided signs will highlight your company’s ad.


Escalator Graphics
Your message will be highlighted on two sets of escalators in the North Lobby going up to Level 2. Each escalator will have five decals, 21.75” w x 105” h on either side.

24. Floor Decals 25. Westin Skybridge 25 (2014)

Floor Decals

Two 10' X 10' locations are available for graphics. Two sets are in the North Lobby landing area and the third is on the West side of the building.



Westin Skybridge
Eight 3’ X 5’ double sided signs will highlight your company’s products/services as attendees go back and forth between the convention center and Westin.

26. Window Graphics  

Window Graphics
These 2.5’ x 4’ graphics are available on the East & West sides of Level 1 & 2 of the BCEC. Window Graphics are available in sets of ten.





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