• Badge Information

    Mailing of badges/tickets will begin December 29, 2014, and continue through January 16, 2015.

    For registrations received after January 9, 2015, badges/tickets must be picked up at the Registration Desk in the BCEC North Lobby. Registrants with a balance due will not receive badges and tickets until full payment is received. If you have not received a confirmation by December 31, 2014, please call YDC Customer Service.

    Your registration materials will include an informative cover letter, name badge, and tickets if purchased. Your name badge will have a barcode, which can be scanned to receive desired exhibitor information at the meeting. Registration materials will not be mailed outside of the United States-materials must be picked up on-site.

    The MDS reserves the right to audit or adjust any total charges due to registrant errors. You will be billed for all materials not picked up on-site and any updates made. The YDC will enforce collection, and failure to pay will adversely affect participation in future meetings. The YDC reserves the right to apply any money received to past outstanding balances.

    The MDS reserves the right to review each registration for the appropriateness of the selected registration category. Those who register incorrectly will be changed to the correct registration type and charged the associated fee.

    Lost Badge and Ticket Replacement

    Replacement fee for lost badges or tickets is $15. Attendees are required to show proof of purchase and picture identification to receive a replacement. Go to the Registration Desk to solve lost badge/ticket questions.


    Walk-ins are discouraged for ticketed courses. In order to avoid long lines, you should purchase a ticket through preregistration or register on-site.


    Call YDC customer service at (877) 515-9071
    Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST

    For Housing Questions call OnPeak (800) 535-9197

  • YDC is Green

    No more than five Program Books will be sent to each office. Please share with your colleagues!

    Handout materials for all courses are available for download only.

    Printed handouts are no longer available.

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