• Yankee Dental Congress 2015 Featured Speakers


    Gary Alex, DMD Restorative
    Nancy Andrews, RDH Infection Control
    Jonathan Bregman, DDS Oral Cancer
    Gordon Christensen, DDS, PhD Restorative
    Bruce Christopher Practice Management
    Stephen Cohen, DDS Endodontics
    Karen Davis, RDH Hygiene
    Gary DeWood, DDS Occlusion
    Michael DiTolla, DDS Restorative
    Glenn DuPont, DDS Occlusion
    Robert Edwab, DDS Oral Surgery
    Debra Englehardt-Nash Front Desk
    Alex Fleury, DDS Endodontics
    John Flucke, DDS Technology
    Jim Grisdale, DDS Periodontics
    Ashley Hale, RDH Auxiliary Techniques
    Kenneth Hargreaves, DDS, PhD Endodontics
    Niki Henson, RDA Auxiliary Techniques
    Harald Heymann, DDS Restorative
    Paul Homoly, DDS Practice Management
    Pam Hughes, RDH General Health
    Warren Karp, DMD, PhD Nutrition
    Laney Kay, JD Infection Control
    Tieraona Low Dog, MD General Health
    Stanley Malamed, DDS Anesthesia
    Robert Margeas, DDS Restorative
    Joseph Massad, DDS Dentures
    John Molinari, PhD Infection Control
    Mark Murphy, DDS Restorative
    Linda Niessen, DMD Geriatrics
    Kary Odiatu Nutrition
    Uche Odiatu, DMD Nutrition
    Connie Podesta Communication
    George Priest, DMD Implants
    Greg Psaltis, DDS Pediatrics
    Steve Ratcliff, DDS Occlusion
    Michael Siegel, DDS General Health
    Jane Soxman, DDS Pediatrics
    Jamison Spencer, DMD Sleep Apnea
    Jeff Staads  Front Desk
    John Svirsky, DDS Oral Pathology
    Terry Tanaka, DDS Restorative
    Tom Viola, RPh Pharmacology
    Kelli Vrla Front Desk

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