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2014 Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

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Program Book

The Yankee Dental Congress 2014 Program Book is the primary resource that 26,000+ dental professionals will use to select scientific and allied courses as well as special events they will register to attend. This informational and promotional publication will mail to 50,000+ dental professionals starting in early September. This is your chance to stand out from your competition. In order to get the most exposure out of your Yankee Dental experience it is essential that you market your presence prior to the event.

The Official YDC 2014 Program Book will begin mailing in September 2013.
Artwork Due: August 6, 2013

Positions Available: 
 Program Book 2011

Front Cover (1/3 page ad) $3,500 Qty:  
Inside Front Cover                  $5,000 Qty:  
Page One  $4,500 Qty:  
Opposite Table of Contents    $4,700 Qty:  
Inside Back Cover     $3,000 Qty:  
Back Cover    $7,000 Qty:  
Center Spread   $6,500 Qty:  
Full Page $2,800 Qty:  
Half Page $800 Qty:  


YDC Advance Planner
Artwork due November 1, 2013

Positions Available:

YDC Advance Planner
Inside Front Cover $2,800 Qty:  
Page One $2,000 Qty:  
Opposite Table of Contents $2,600 Qty:  
Inside Back Cover $1,800 Qty:  
Back Cover $3,500 Qty:  
Center Spread $3,000 Qty:  
Full Page $1,500 Qty:  
Half Page $500 Qty:  

On-Site Guide
The guide is the official on-site publication.  It provides exhibit hall schedules, exhibitor listings, show events and courses, convention maps, and other important information

Artwork due December 6, 2013

Positions AvailableOn-site Guide

Front Cover $4,800 Qty:  
Inside Front Cover $5,200 Qty:  
Page One $3,850 Qty:  
Opposite Table of Contents $4,400 Qty:  
Inside Back Cover $2,900 Qty:  
Back Cover $5,750 Qty:  
Center Spread $6,600 Qty:  
Tab Pages (3 available) $3,250 Qty:  
Full Page $2,800 Qty:  
Half Page $800 Qty:  



Pre-Registration Program Book Envelope
Get noticed with an exclusive ad on the back of our program book envelope.Pre-Registration Program Book

Circulation 50,000 Qty:  
Size 9"L x 3.5"H  
Back Side $1,500 Qty:  
Artwork Due August 2, 2013  



Pre-Registration Envelope
Last year, approximately 24,000 pre-registered for Yankee Dental.  Make sure you get your message out before the meeting with this exclusive ad.Pre-Registration Envelope

Circulation 24,000 Qty:  
Size 8"L x 3.625"H  
Inside Front Pocket $1,300 Qty:  
Artwork Due August 2, 2013  



Specialty Mailers
Looking to target specialists only?  We have the solution.  Yankee produces specialty mailers highlighting the courses for specialists and their staff.Specialty Mailers

Circulation Varies on Specialty Qty:
Size 5" x 8"  
Four page flyer with half page, four color ad: $950  
Artwork Due September 7, 2013  


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Mechanical Requirements for Program Book and Advanced Planner
The size of the Advance Planner will be 6” wide x 10 1/2 “  hight
Full page:  6” x 10 ½”, 1/8” bleed on all sides
Half page: 5 ¼” x 4 ¼”, no bleed required
Center spread:  12” x 10 ½”, 1/8” bleed on all sides

Mechanical Requirements for On-Site Guide
Full page: 7 " x 8 1/2"
Half page Horizontal:  6 1/2" x 3 3/4"
Half page Vertical:  3 " x 8"
Center Spread: 14" x 8 1/2"

Mechanical Requirements: 
All advertising materials should be supplied as electronic files with color print.  We accept high resolution pdf files.  All files should be collected to disk with fonts and supporting files.  Crop marks and 1/8" bleeds required on all sides. 

Massachusetts Dental Society, Exhibits Dept.
Two Willow Street, Southborough, MA 01745.

Questions about artwork? Contact

For all other questions, please contact Shannon McCarthy (508) 449-6052


YDC Signage

Please refer to the Signage and Sponsorship page for descriptions and pricing. You must fill out both the description and price fields below in order for your request to be valid.






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