Yankee Dental Congress 2015

Please note: Information below refers to Yankee Dental Congress 2014. Check back in September for information regarding YDC 2015.

YDC 2014 Core Committee


General Chair Carl McManama, DDS
MDS President-Elect Michael Wasserman, DDS
Program Co-Chairs Mary Jane Hanlon, DMD
Neela Gandhi, DMD
Peter Hjorth, DMD
General Arrangements Co-Chairs Lisa Gamache, DMD
Paul Gamache, DMD
Exhibits Chairs Alan Gold, DDS
Kevin Toomey, DMD
Hospitality & Special Events Co-Chairs Cherie Bishop, DMD
Todd Belf-Becker, DMD
Corporate Sponsorship Ray Martin, DDS
Specialty Relations Howard Zolot, DMD
Registration      Joseph Beninato, DMD
Signs Jared Reid, DMD
Social and Cultural Co-Chairs Barbara Wasserman
Jackie Belf-Becker
David Becker, DMD


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YDC is Green 2014

Presented by the Massachusetts Dental Society in cooperation with the dental societies of:

Massachusetts Dental Society Connecticut State Dental Association - CSDA Maine NH Dental Association RI Dental Association VT Dental Association