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Exhibit Booth Contract

Please select the number of booths you would like for each booth type. For island or peninsula configuration specifications, click here.

Full payment is required for all contracts received after August 31, 2017.

10' x 10' corner Price: $3,950.00 Qty:    
10' x 10' inline
Price: $3,450.00 Qty:    
*10' x 10' discounted
Price: $2,200.00
20' x 20' Conference Room* Price: $2,500.00 Qty:    
*Companies must have booth space in order to qualify for conference room rental.

*Applications for discounted booths will be held until after the priority point booth assignments are completed. See Rules Governing Discounted Booths.

See floorplan for location of color coded booths. Booth choices must reflect the booth size, price and location selected. Please see Rules & Regulations regarding Yankee Exhibits.

List your booth preferences in step two of the checkout process “Booth Preferences & Total Booth Size”.

Configuration Specifications

For islands, select a minimum of four (4) corner booths and the quantity of standard booths. Two additional 10x10 booths are required to create an island. MDS will carpet those additional two booths with the show aisle carpet. A 20’ x 30’ island would require four (4) corner and four (4) inline.  For a peninsula, you must have two (2) corner and the quantity of inline. A 20 x 20 peninsula will require (2) corner and (2) inline.

Configuration Specifications

Helpful Links: Booth Construction | Rules & Regulations | Floor Plan | Exhibitor Prospectus

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