Yankee Dental Congress Attendees Mailing List

Attendees Mailing List

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Make your presence known at this year’s meeting. Survey and focus groups indicate overwhelmingly that attendees want to know ahead of time about show specials and new products. By doing pre-show promotion you ensure traffic to your booth. A post-show mailing reaches customers that may have missed you and those who plan to make purchases after the meeting.

Please include a quantity for all that apply. Incomplete orders will experience delay in processing.

*An edited sample piece must accompany all orders. Yankee reserves the right not to fulfill your request based upon the content of your mailing. Items included in lists are name, designation, company, and address. All orders are sent via e-mail in excel format, unless otherwise indicated. Allow up to 7 days for order to be processed. The lists are pulled weekly (Monday) beginning 12/04/2017. Please note: Do not use “YDC”, “Yankee Dental Meeting” or any other version to refer to the event. Yankee Dental Congress is the official show name and must be used on all materials.

Please indicate the date you prefer your list to be sent in step two of the check out process.


Questions? Contact Emily Baker (508) 449-6059

  1. The List Renter shall rent the YANKEE DENTAL CONGRESS Attendee Mailing List for the fee and terms stated in the invoice and the agreement.
  2. The List Renter acknowledges and agrees that the YANKEE DENTAL CONGRESS Attendee Mailing List, and any portions thereof, is the exclusive property of the list owner.
  3. The List Renter shall provide the List Owner a sample of the mailing piece for approval prior to release of the mailing list. The sample mailing piece must be of professional use to the attendees and must not reference Yankee Dental Congress in any way without prior consent.
  4. The mailing piece must include:
    a. The Yankee logo found here: www.yankeedental.com/Exhibitors/Marketing-Opportunities-Pages/Logos-and-Banners
    b. The location: BCEC or Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.
    c. The dates: January 31 - February 3, 2019
    d. If the List Renter is promoting a course, they must include course code, number of CEs, link to register and the following: The information and opinions presented by the speakers and sponsoring companies do not constitute an endorsement by Yankee Dental Congress.
    e. Please note: Do not use “YDC”, “Yankee Dental Meeting” or any other version to refer to the event. Yankee Dental Congress is the official show name and must be used on all materials
  5. The List Renter agrees that all names and addresses furnished are provided on a rental bases for one- time use only. The List Renter guarantees the names and addresses shall not be copied, reused, sold, electronically reproduced or used by any party except as specified in the written order to List Owner.
  6. The List Renter shall mail only the sample mailing piece which has been approved by List Owner. The List Renter or its agents shall not transfer names or information to its own customer files or re-contact names derived from the mailing list, or provide the names for another to make such contact, without prior written approval of List Owner.
  7. The List Renter shall make a full payment for the mailing list in the amount specified in the List Owner’s invoice for each order prior to list distribution.
  8. The List Renter agrees that the rental conditions described herein shall apply to any present and future rentals of the mailing list.
  9. All counts received by the List Renter from List Owner prior to completion of the actual mailing list are approximate and subject to change daily. List Owner shall not be responsible for shortages or overruns of materials based on estimates.
  10. List Owner reserves the right to “seed” their lists using decoy names to protect against unauthorized use.

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