Endodontic Non-Vital Intracoronal Bleaching for the General Dentist

     Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Time: 6:30-8:00pm 

Credits: 1 CE Hour*


Mario Abdennour, DMD: has held a faculty appointment as clinical instructor and lecturer at the Advanced Graduate Endodontic Program at Harvard School of Dental Medicine since 2000. He was the recipient of the part-time faculty award at Harvard where he teaches micro-surgical and non-surgical endodontics. Dr. Abdennour practices in the greater Boston area and lectures nationally and internationally in English, French and Spanish on precision-based endodontics.

In this course attendees will learn the steps to achieve predictable and safe intracoronal bleaching on discolored endodontically treated teeth. Tooth discoloration results from different conditions such as medical, systemic, congental, trauma and iatrogenic procedures. The Non-Vital Intracoronal bleaching technique is a simple procedure that can also be a technique sensitive procedure that could present complications, some irreversible. Using the right materials and careful intra-operative steps will minimize the risks and insure satisfactory and lasting results.

  • Understand the causes of tooth discoloration
  • Describe the discoloration conditions that can be treated effectively
  • Compare the various intracoronal bleaching techniques
  • Identify all the possible procedural complications, including tooth loss
  • Recognize the risks of using the wrong chemicals, techniques, and cutting corners
  • Implement and use the safest intracoronal bleaching technique
*Attend all 5 virtual sessions, and receive 5 CE Credits or take courses individually (a la carte) and receive 1 CE credit per each session taken.
Credits will be distributed at the end of the Spring (June 22, 2022).


Carl McManama, DDS: is is a Professor in the Department of General Dentistry and course director for several courses at Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine where he has taught since 1976. In addition to his teaching, he has maintained a private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the past forty-five years. Dr. McManama has presented over 100 CE courses on topics related to restorative and operative dentistry to all levels of dental audiences.