Give a Special Shoutout 

Thank and highlight your staff, or celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion through a special message on the YANKEETRON in the lobby of Yankee Virtual.

During this uncertain time we know that everyone on the dental team has been working extremely hard to provide the best service to your patients. With the restrictions we face, it has also been more difficult than usual to celebrate life's special moments. Take this opportunity to thank the people that have been making everything possible and to celebrate those special moments at a social distance through YANKEETRON!

Your colleagues will be able to see your special messages continually running throughout the entire Yankee Virtual event. Upon purchase, you will also receive an image of your message displaying in the Yankee Virtual lobby that you can send directly to the person(s) you are honoring.

Yankee Virtual Lobby Yankeetron


  • PRICE: $50 per message
  • Messages must be 75 characters or less, including spaces

After payment, you will receive confirmation. Requests must be received before 1/6/21. All Special Messages are displayed and continually running on a loop.

 *Participants must be registered for Yankee Virtual 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: You will have the opportunity during the registration process to submit your message for YANKEETRON. If you already registered then you can log in with your last name and badge number and submit your message.