Priority Point Contracting for Yankee 2023 NOW OPEN

Yankee 2023 Priority Point Assignment Now Open

2023 Exhibitor Prospectus

Priority Point Assignment for Yankee 2023 will take place April 13-29. Only Yankee 2022 Exhibitors will be considered during this period. 

If you have a change of exhibit contact, address, company name, etc., please contact us to ensure you receive your prospectus. 

*To purchase a booth, you must pay a minimum of 50% of the booth space. You will not be able to use your refund from 2022 for this deposit with the online contract but that refund can be applied to the balance due. If you want to apply your refund toward your 50% deposit, please download the contract and email it to us. If the refund does not cover the 50%, you will need to pay that balance in order to be fully contracted within priority point assignment.

Contract Online

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Priority Point Assignment is based on:

  1. Number of priority points - a combination of number of years exhibiting and sponsorship/advertising with Yankee. 
  2. Date the contract/deposit is received (deadline is April 29). Booth assignments will begin on May 2

How to Contract Online for Yankee: 

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the objects you are buying. ie: Exhibit Space for contracting for booth space
  3. Once you've selected your product(s), click on "Log in to Add to Cart" 
  4. Enter your <unique email> in the Email box as prompted
    1. If you are a first-time user click “Don’t have an account” and follow the prompts
    2. If you forgot your password, click "Forgot Your Password" and follow the prompts.
  5. Fill in all sections so we have your most recent information. If you wish to only pay half of your booth space at this time you must enter “PAYHALF” in the coupon code before you submit your credit card information.
For assistance, please contact us.