The Dental Hygiene Detective

  • Thursday 1/30/2020
  • Time: 9:00 - 11:00 am
  • Course Code: 142TL
  • Cost: $59
  • Room Location: BCEC Room 212
  • Credits: 2 CE Hours
Amber Auger, RDH is a practicing dental hygienist and clinical innovations implementation specialist. She works with practices to provide customized protocols, to refocus on the patient experience, and to utilize systemic approaches to periodontal therapy. She is a regular contributor to RDH magazine, a featured author for DentistryIQ, and host of #AskAmberRDH. Auger also provides preventive services abroad.

There are many clues that provide evidence of diseases, such as occlusal wear, recession, bleeding, fissured tongues, erythemic tissues, incipient lesions, and others. Determining a patient's high-risk factors for oral disease and systemic health is multifactorial and our role as dental professionals allows us to evaluate the first signs of disease. This course will help you and your team review the patient's risk factors in-depth, while empowering the clinician to compare clinical technologies that align with the patient's lifestyle to reduce/decrease disease.

After this course attendees will be able to:
  • Review the role of pH in the caries risk assessment
  • Describe stages of demineralization and remineralization
  • List ways to prioritize the patient’s high-risk factors to decrease their risks of oral disease and systemic health
  • Identify early signs of xerostomia, malocclusion, recession, and periodontal inflammation
  • Evaluate the latest clinical and homecare technologies to decrease patients oral and systemic disease risks
Recommended Audience: Hygienist

The Dentsply Sirona grant has been applied to this course.