The Change-Your-Life IPR Technique for Clear Aligner Orthodontics

  • Thursday 1/27/2022
  • Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Course Code: 135TL
  • Cost: $99
  • Room Location: BCEC Room 103
  • Credits: 3 CE Hours
David Galler, DMD has developed his own unique interproximal reduction (IPR) technique, which is currently utilized by 4,500 dentists nation-wide. He is currently the SVP of Orthodontic Services for Aspen Dental. David has been serving New York since 2003 and splits his time between his Manhattan and Chicago offices.

15 years ago the instructor created a new spacing technique to supercharge Invisalign IPR cases and create exact interproximal areas with no ledging, no estimating, no guesswork, and no damage to adjacent teeth. Although it is a super safe and predictable technique, it does take time and can hurt feelings and fingers when dealing with lots of spaces or tight contacts. This revolutionary new technique is just as accurate and safe as GST but, will take only minutes to create perfect interproximal minimally invasive spaces even on the tightest teeth. The new technique combines new innovations and new specially patented instruments to make this integral part of adult orthodontic cases stress free and 100% predictable. This technique is guaranteed to allow you to start treating advanced cases and to allow you to reduce refinements and eliminate midcourse corrections.

After this course attendees will be able to:
  • Review the strategy and reasons for IPR in orthodontic cases
  • Understand the shortcomings of current methodologies
  • Discover a new spacing technique that creates exact interproximal areas
  • Start treating advanced cases, reduce refinements, and eliminate midcourse correction
Recommended Audience: Dentist

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