Firing PPOs Without Your Patients Firing You

  • Friday 1/28/2022
  • Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Course Code: 439RL
  • Cost: $99
  • Room Location: BCEC Room 252 AB
  • Credits: 3 CE Hours
Benjamin Tuinei, is the president and chief executive officer at Optimum Dental Solutions in Salt Lake City, UT.

While the vast majority of doctors despise how insurance carriers treat them, it is a known fact that the insurance industry has done a fantastic job at spreading rumors that you (the doctors) need them more than they need you. It is a common misconception that if you drop an insurance plan you will lose all patients that have that insurance. I believe this lie has been perpetuated by the insurance industry as we’ve observed thousands of dental practices terminate their agreements while still retaining patients who have that particular insurance plan. This course is designed to teach doctors and their teams on how to eliminate restrictive in-network contracts in a way that influences a high patient retention rate. This course unveils the history of how dental insurance plans gained so much control over the dental industry and how an individual dentist can free herself/himself from insurance control.

After this course attendees will be able to:
  • Comprehend the true nature of dental PPO plans and how most compensate out-of-network benefits
  • Understand patient perception when it comes to quality of care versus discount 
  • Identify how quality of care conversations can overcome the desire for in-network discounts
  • Determine how restrictive in-network agreements can be harmful to patients
  • Explain how unrestrictive out-of-network affiliations benefit both dentist and patient from a quality care perspective
Recommended Audience: Dentist, Office