5 Steps to Solving Work-Related Pain in Dentistry

  • Thursday 1/27/2022
  • Time: 8:30 - 11:30 am
  • Course Code: 103TL
  • Cost: $115
  • Credits: 3 CE Hours
Bethany Valachi, MS, DPT is CEO of Posturedontics and a clinical instructor of ergonomics at Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry in Portland, OR.

Did you know that one-third of dentists who retire early are forced to, due to a musculoskeletal disorder? Untreated chronic pain can result in physical and financial disaster! Now, more than ever, in a post-pandemic world, mental stress can add to physical demands in the operatory, resulting in pain. Due to the multi-factorial nature of work-related pain in dentistry, rarely does a single intervention (i.e. new loupes, strength training) permanently resolve chronic pain issues. Research reveals five key areas that are essential to effectively resolving work-related pain in dentistry. The sequence in which these are implemented is also integral to successfully resolving pain. This dynamic and interactive course introduces ground-breaking education that can prevent pain, boost productivity, and transform your life! 

After this course attendees will be able to:
  • List the etiologies of work-related pain in dentistry
  • Pinpoint the single most important dental ergonomic intervention to prevent neck pain
  • Implement a technique to control stress in the operatory while preventing neck and back pain
  • Identify trigger points and the mechanisms by which they develop
  • Recognize the painful muscle imbalance to which dental professionals are uniquely prone
  • Understand what research shows is the best type of exercise to prevent pain in dentistry

*Tuition includes breakfast beginning at 8:30 am.

Recommended Audience: Assistant, Dentist, Hygienist, Office