Predictable Surgical Protocols for Socket Grafting & Lateral Ridge Augmentation

  • Thursday 1/27/2022
  • Time: 8:00 - 10:00 am
  • Course Code: 159TL
  • Cost: No Charge
  • Room Location: BCEC Room 258 B
  • Credits: 2 CE Hours
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Amos Yahav, DMD is a dentist and an entrepreneur whose practical way of thinking combined with innovative creativity, enabled him to develop a variety of efficient professional tools, accessories, and materials for implants and the surgical field, including the invention of biphasic calcium sulfate (3D Bond™ & Bond Apatite®).Dr Yahav’s invention of biphasic calcium sulfate won the silver award of the prestigious Edisson Award 2019 for his innovation contribution that chang reality in augmentation procedures .He also serves as an advisor for international companies in this very progressive field. Dr. Yahav is the founder and currently the CEO of Augma Biomaterials.

Traditional augmentation procedures can be challenging, invasive and time consuming, with the risk of post-operative complications. In contrast bone cements have created a true paradigm shift in all aspects of augmentation. In this course, the instructor will review the three most common surgical protocols using bone graft cements, which set immediately and are accompanied by minimally invasive surgical procedures that do not require a membrane. Attendees will receive practical knowledge on how to perform socket grafting with flap reflection, socket grafting without flap reflection and lateral ridge augmentation. The course will include a variety of resources, such as animated videos, recorded live surgery demonstrations and clinical videos. Evidence based data histology shows how following the surgical protocols leads to clinical success and complete bone regeneration for the patient. 

After this course attendees will be able to:
  • Explain the concept of bone cements
  • Understand how to perform socket grafting without flap reflection, socket grafting with flap reflection, and lateral ridge augmentation
  • Examine evidence based data showing predictability rates using the surgical protocols
Recommended Audience: Dentist

The Augma Biomaterials USA Inc. grant has been applied to this course.

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