Diode Lasers in Hygiene, Real Clinical Applications

  • Thursday 1/26/2023
  • Time: 2:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Course Code: 142TH
  • Cost: $260
  • Room Location: BCEC Room 153C
  • Credits: 3 CE Hours
Michael Koceja, DDS received his laser certification in 2000, and has since achieved mastership level in the World Clinical Laser Institute. He also received his laser certification from the Academy of laser Dentistry. He maintains a private practice in Vancouver, WA.

Laser technology has become an integral part of providing cutting edge treatment to our patients. With the increased need to reduce bacterial aerosols, Diode lasers can be a beneficial tool to help treat periodontal disease while reducing our patient’s bacterial flora during treatment. So whether you are new to lasers, are looking to incorporate laser technology into your Hygiene program or are a current laser user, this course will provide realistic applications for everyday laser use.

In this course attendees will:
  • Educate dental professionals as to what features to look for when purchasing a diode laser
  • Discuss rules and state regulations as far as how a dental hygienist can utilize a laser 
  • Distinguish between laser bacterial reduction (LBR) and laser curettage
  • Demonstrate proper laser set up, use, and safety protocols
  • Utilize pig mandibles for a realistic “feel” of how a laser works
  • Review the wide range of what diode lasers can be used for and how they can benefit patients
  • Explain practical incorporation of lasers into the practice, office protocol, billing, patient communication, and interaction between staff members

All laser treatment techniques for hygienists will comply with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry guidelines.

This course is also offered on Thursday, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 114TH
Recommended Audience: Dentist, Hygienist
This Course will be audiotaped.

Thanks to Biolase for course materials.

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Supplies Needed: Lab coat/Scrubs, Loupes (optional), Diode Laser (If you have one, otherwise they will be provided.)