No Games: Tracking Collections and Accounts Receivables

  • Saturday 1/28/2023
  • Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Course Code: 621SL
  • Cost: $125
  • Room Location: BCEC Room 204 A
  • Credits: 3 CE Hours
Lois Banta, is CEO, President and Founder of Healthcare Enterprises, Inc., a company that specializes in all aspects of dental practice retreats and lectures. Lois has over 45 years of dental experience and consults and speaks nationally and internationally. She is the CEO of The Speaking Consulting Network, and a member of several professional organizations.

Are your accounts receivables out of control? Does your

insurance claims report weigh more than your desk? Learn to 

develop proven systems to track A/R more effectively and follow

up on past due claims more efficiently without stressing yourself

to the max. Design systems for collecting from patients without 

being perceived as the “bad guy”.  

After this course attendees will be able to:
  • Develop communication skills and compare different listening styles 
  • Learn how to produce reports using Eaglesoft software
  • Manage tracking claims and accounts receivable
  • Identify legal and malpractice issues
Recommended Audience: Dentist, Office

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