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    Beyond Expectations

    Yankee Dental Congress 2015 will go Beyond Expectations to bring only the best education, products, and resources to dental professionals. Nearly 28,000 industry professionals come to Boston every January for the largest dental meeting in the northeast.  During these 5 jam-packed days attendees can choose from a wide selection of continuing education courses and check out the hottest and most innovative products in dentistry, all under one roof.

    For your clients looking for a premier dental meeting, Yankee Dental Congress 2015 is a must. You can help increase the visibility of Yankee Dental Congress 2015 AND your presence on the Exhibit Hall floor by taking advantage of the Exhibitor Marketing Toolkit. As an Exhibitor, you have full access to banner ads, Expo Only invitations, promotional verbiage, YDC social media and more! Make sure your clients and prospects know that you will be at Yankee Dental Congress 2015, the leading dental meeting in New England!

    Expo Hall Invitations

    Request your allotment of complimentary YDC Exhibit Hall Invitations to invite your prospects and customers to visit your booth at YDC 2015 at no charge ($50 value)! The exhibitor invitations will be available beginning October 2014.

    Fill out and send the Expo Hall Invitation Form to rrich@massdental.org or fax to (508) 449-6177.

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    Do you need to earn continuing education credits? Are you interested in the newest and most innovative technologies in dentistry? Would you like to join a strong network of dental professionals? Yankee Dental Congress 2015 is the right place for you!

    From top-notch continuing education courses taught by industry experts, to ground-breaking products from over 450 exhibitors, to a community of nearly 28,000 dental professionals, your educational experience will be taken Beyond Expectations at Yankee Dental Congress 2015, the largest dental meeting in New England!

    Join your peers for Yankee Dental Congress 2015 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from January 28 – February 1, 2015. Registration opens on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at noon EST.

    Get Social at Yankee

    The Yankee Dental Congress Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/yankeedentalcongress. As an exhibitor, you can post information, pictures, or video about your booth, location, or giveaways. The Facebook page should be used as a resource page for exhibitors to share their specific booth information with attendees. We encourage you to utilize the page to post videos, pictures and information during and after the meeting. Participating in discussions on the YDC Facebook page will increase your company's visibility among attendees.

    The Yankee Dental Congress Twitter handle is @YankeeDental and we will be using #yankeedental for the upcoming meeting. As Twitter becomes increasingly more popular throughout the dental profession, this has become another channel with which to reach your customers.

    Banner Ads

    Right-click and "Save Target as..." or "Save Image as..." to download any of the banners below in order to implement on your site and promote YDC 2014! Link the banner to the web address http://www.yankeedental.com.

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    YDC Signature Banner Ad
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