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Publications, Online/Mobile, and On-Site


Several print publications are sent to registered attendees and prospects before the Yankee Dental Congress and on-site. Be included in attendee schedules as they plan their time at Yankee through mailed publications. Reach all attendees and prospects through publications which serve as their guide to the Yankee Dental Congress.

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Online & Mobile

Advertising opportunities are available on the website, emails sent to attendees and prospective attendees, and the Yankee Dental Congress event mobile app. Get noticed before the show online through the Yankee website and emails. Directly reach attendees through their mobile devices while they are at the Yankee.

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Direct attendees to your booth before they hit the exhibit floor, and ensure attendees know of your presence as they walk throughout the convention center. A wide variety of opportunities are available in many areas.
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Educational Sponsorships

Scientific Sponsorship

Yankee Dental Congress is known for it’s outstanding educational program. Every year, hundreds of speakers and companies submit speaker names for consideration. Yankee prides itself on selecting only the best for our attendees. There are three different ways to become part of the Yankee educational program: submit speakers, choose from the Yankee speaker/course list and commit to an educational grant. 

In order to participate your company must be a contracted Yankee 2017 exhibitor. 

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Exhibit Floor Classrooms

Yankee 2017 will offer classrooms on the exhibit show floor for companies that wish to present lectures or hands-on courses for attendees. These lectures are free to attendees and will be included in the Program Book.

ClassroomRooms will be available in 2 hour time slots. Courses will run Thursday, January 26 through Saturday, January 28. Selection of a classroom location and time slots is on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to participate in these classrooms your company must be a contracted Yankee 2017 exhibitor.

In order to participate in these classrooms your company must be a contracted Yankee 2017 exhibitor.

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Sleep Apnea Pavilion (NEW)

Today’s dentist should know about the rapidly increasing population of patients that are diagnosed with sleep apnea. This condition can cause significant burdens on patients and their spouses, with both medical and emotional side effects. The dental office may be a primary place where patients at risk for sleep apnea can be identified and pointed toward diagnosis and treatment. Dentists can play an important role in the treatment of this difficult problem. The oral appliance is a frequently used and very successful technique for treating sleep apnea. 

Yankee plans to be the first major dental meeting to host a session involving the various laboratory providers. We would like to invite you to participate in this 2017 program.

In order to participate in these classrooms your company must be a contracted Yankee 2017 exhibitor. 

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Give doctors the opportunity to learn what your company is all about. This classroom is specifically designed to highlight the local brokers in our area. We will offer slots on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that will be open first come, first serve for brokers to reserve and offer courses of their choice. (Yankee reserves the right to edit and approve final course description)

The Friday and Saturday morning and afternoon courses will be a panel discussion, and we will allow 5 brokers to participate on each panel program. David Burch, from Bank of America will be the moderator for this program. We would ask that each broker submit questions ahead of time as initial questions to be discussed. (These will be distributed ahead of time, so that everyone has time to prepare.) Please note, that we will allow doctors to ask questions and have a meet & greet period with the brokers.

All brokers who participate in this program will have their logo in the Program Book, as well as on the outside of the Classroom.

In order to participate in these classrooms your company must be a contracted Yankee 2017 exhibitor. 

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Digital imaging program (SOLD OUT)

Dr. Aruna Ramesh, Associate Professor Head, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Chair will moderate this program at Yankee. Attendees will be provided with an overview of Cone-beam computed tomography, the basics including image acquisition addressing what to look for when choosing a CBCT machine for your office, the appropriate field of view for your patient’s clinical needs , appropriate storage of the datasets obtained. The lecture will also cover CBCT analysis customized for specific diagnostic tasks such as implant treatment planning, orthodontic analysis and general review for pathology. Hands-on segment will allow attendees to play with multiple vendor specific software to view/analyze cone-beam data set that will help them identify the software features that are critical or preferences that will help them select the CBCT unit/software for THEM, as the clinical user. 

Companies have the ability to sign on to participate for all three days (6 classes) of the program. Company is required to bring your own software and monitor to the course. 

Dr. Ramesh will present for the first half of the course, then attendees will have time to circle thru 5 different software systems.

In order to participate in these classrooms your company must be a contracted Yankee 2017 exhibitor. 

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Corporate Forums (SOLD OUT)

These manufacturer hosted educational sessions allow you to provide continuing education to attendees. Companies must send the speaker's course outline and resume by the deadline to be included in the official Yankee Program Book. Corporate Forums are free for attendees. The Yankee Program Committee will review courses to determine if CE credits will apply to the course being offered.

In order to participate in these classrooms your company must be a contracted Yankee 2017 exhibitor. 

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Product Navigator Live

After a successful 'Product Navigator' in 2016, we are pleased to offer this program again. In partnership with PennWell Publishing, 'Product Navigator' offers companies a chance to introduce new products and techniques, all presented in a "sales free" environment. Companies will participate in live demonstrations allowing for a fully interactive hands on experience. CE will be given to attendees. If you are interested in participating, please contact Chris Page,

In order to participate in these classrooms your company must be a contracted Yankee 2017 exhibitor.  

Attendee Mailing Lists

Attendee Mailing Lists for Pre-Show or Post-Show Marketing

Make your presence known at this year’s meeting. Survey and focus groups indicate overwhelmingly that attendees want to know ahead of time about show specials and new products. By doing pre-show promotion you ensure traffic to your booth. A post-show mailing reaches customers that may have missed you and those who plan to make purchases after the meeting. 

 An edited sample piece must accompany all orders, along with a signed copy of our Rental Agreement if we do not already have one on file. Yankee reserves the right not to fulfill your request based upon the content of your mailing. Items included in lists are name, designation, company, and address. All orders are sent in Excel format, unless otherwise indicated. Allow 7 days for order to be processed. The lists are pulled weekly (on Monday) beginning December 5, 2016. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use "YDC", "Yankee Dental Meeting" or any other version to refer to the event. Yankee Dental Congress is the official show name and must be used on all materials.

Mailing Lists For pre-show or post-show mailings:

  • Post-show attendees from Yankee 2016
  • Pre-registered attendees at Yankee 2017
  • Pre-registered doctors only at Yankee 2017
  • We may be able to customize a list for your company. Please call (508) 449-6059 for a quote.

Terms and Conditions of List Rental

List renter agrees to not resell, disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce or replicate any part of the list. List is limited to a one time usage solely to market or promote the above named exhibitor. List renter is permitted to use the list in merge/purge only for the purpose of eliminating duplicate names. In the event the list renter uses the list contrary to this agreement, the list renter will be held unconditionally responsible. Therefore, any and all costs incurred by Yankee Dental Congress in enforcing this agreement will be the responsibility of the list renter. There are no refunds for the renting of the list. It is clearly understood that Yankee Dental Congress in no way endorses any product or service or the above-mentioned exhibitor by renting the list. List renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Yankee Dental Congress from any and all claims, damages, losses or expenses, however incurred, occasioned by the use of the list. This agreement covers a 12 month period. It is understood that list orders are seeded with decoy names to monitor unauthorized use and use is tracked. Reuse of list will be invoiced. By signing this contract, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the List Rental. (Signature required for processing)

Expo Only Invitations

Personally invite your clients and prospects to the Yankee Dental Congress Exhibits Hall. Request your allotment of complimentary Yankee Expo Only Invitations to invite your prospects and customers to visit your booth at Yankee 2017 for FREE ($75 Value)!

Gain a competitive edge! Exhibiting at a tradeshow and not marketing your presence ahead of time is like having a party and forgetting to send out the invitations! Yankee Dental Congress makes it easy for you talk shop and discuss solutions with almost 27,500 dental professionals.

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Social Media

Visit the Official Yankee Dental Congress Facebook page. As an exhibitor, you can post information, pictures, or video about your booth, location, or giveaways. The Facebook page should be used as a resource page for exhibitors to share their specific booth information with attendees. We encourage you to utilize the page to post videos, pictures and information during and after the meeting. Participating in discussions on the Yankee Facebook page will increase your company's visibility among attendees.

The Yankee Dental Congress Twitter handle is @YankeeDental and we will be using #yankeedental for the meeting. As Twitter becomes increasingly more popular throughout the dental profession, this has become another channel with which to reach your customers.


Content on this page is meant to be used by authorized exhibitors and approved contracted vendors. Use by any other parties is prohibited.


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Join your peers for Yankee Dental Congress 2017 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from January 25 – 29, 2017. Registration opens on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at noon EST.

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