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Registration and Meeting Policies

Registration Fees


Registration Fees Category Early Bird By 11/8/19  11/9 - 1/10 1/11 - On-site
ADA Member Dentists $99 $139 $169
Non-ADA Member $210 $280 $350
Retired Life ADA Member* NC NC NC
Dental Hygienist $69 $99 $119
Dental Technician $59 $79 $99
Dental Assistant $59 $79 $99
Office Personnel $59 $79 $99
Postdoctorate $39 $49 $49
Student $39 $49 $49
Medical Professional (excluding MD & DVM)    $79 $99 $119
Expo Only (1 Day Pass) NC $65 $79
Guest Over 18 $35 $65 $65
Guest Under 18 NC NC NC
Registered Exhibitor (within allotment) NC NC NC
Dental Dealer $199 $209 $249

*Retired Life Members are life members who are retired from a constituent society and are no longer earning any income from private practice or from the performance of service as a member of the faculty of a dental school, as a dental administrator or consultant, or as a practitioner of any activity for which a license to practice dentistry is required by the state. These members have been dentists for 30 consecutive years or a total of 40 years and are age 65 or older.

How to Register

  • Choose your courses and check availability.
  • Submit your information, including courses and credit card payment, on our secure site.
  • An official confirmation will be sent by email.

Faxed registrations must be submitted using an official Yankee registration form. Forms must be filled out completely with credit card payment information. The Yankee Dental Congress fax number is 508.480.0002. As part of Yankee's continuing effort to go green there will be a $25 processing fee.

Mailed registration must be submitted using an official Yankee registration form. Forms must be filled out completely and form of payment (check, money order, or credit card information) must be enclosed. Payments made by check should be made out to Massachusetts Dental Society.

Yankee Dental Congress 2020 Registration
Massachusetts Dental Society
Two Willow St..
Southborough MA, 01745

As part of Yankee's continuing effort to go green there will be a $25 processing fee.

Please call the Yankee Customer Service at 877.515.9071 for any questions.


Registrations sent by fax or mail will be confirmed by fax or email within 5 business days of receipt.

If you do not receive a confirmation within 5 days, call Yankee Customer Service, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET at 877.515.9071.

Let our friendly, experienced team assist you with meeting policies, registration issues, and general meeting information.

Group Registration and Member Dentists Savings

Platinum Office Pass - Save up to $292
An MDS member can register along with two other colleagues or staff and receive 2 paid courses each (up to $99 each) - $599
This offer expires on November 8, 2019. 

Register 4 dental professionals from the same office and the 5th goes FREE!
This special rate cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or special rates. All of the individuals must register at the same time on the same order. The free registration will come from the lowest price registration category on the order. This offer expires on November 8, 2019. 

All Access Pass - Save up to $97

As an ADA Member dentist you are eligible for the All Access Pass. Sign up before November 8, 2019, during the registration process and receive: member registration ($99 value), plus 3 paid courses (up to $99 each), total cost without pass would be $396, with All Access Pass – $299.

Value Pass 
As an ADA Member or staff you are eligible for the Value Pass. Sign up before November 8, 2019, and receive: FREE registration (up to $95 value), when you register for 4 paid courses.

*These special rates cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or special rates.

Adding Courses

Add as many courses as you like without a service charge. Updates will be accepted after an official Yankee registration number has been assigned.

Modify/Update Your Registration:

  • Online with no service charge
  • Mail/fax the update form. There will be a $25 processing fee per update form received via mail or fax due to increased administrative costs.

Important Registration Tips

  • Preregister to avoid being sold out of popular courses and to eliminate waiting in line at the meeting. Everyone must register.
  • Guests must be sponsored by a paid registrant and listed as a guest in the space provided on the sponsor’s registration form. The sponsor must verify that the guest is not a dentist, hygienist, assistant, technician, or office personnel. Guests cannot receive CE credits. Guests under 18 cannot take NO CHARGE Courses. 
  • All courses will start on time. Please allow yourself plenty of time.
  • Payment is required at the time of registration. We accept check, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Use your Bank of America MasterCard and earn points toward airfare, merchandise, cash back, and more while supporting your association!
  • Course Codes are located directly below the course titles. Be sure to write the entire code on your registration form.
  • Do not select courses that have conflicting times. It is your responsibility to make sure you do not double-book yourself into courses scheduled for the same time.
  • Mail/Email Permissions: By registering for the Yankee Dental Congress, you are authorizing Yankee Dental Congress to mail and/or email you periodic updates relating to the conference.
  • Expo Hall Only registrants cannot receive CEUs, general attendance credits, or take classes except for the Bank of America Pavilion, Benco Pavilion, Crest + Oral-B Center for Excellence, Dental Office Pavilion, Patterson Pavilion, Pediatric Pavilion, Product Navigator Live, Product Spotlight Loung, and CE on the Exhibit Hall Floor classes. 


Requests for cancellations/refunds must be in writing and accompanied by all registration materials, including badges and tickets, if received.

Requests must be postmarked no later than:

December 26, 2019—For hands-on courses
January 3, 2020—For lectures, workshops, events, and general registration

After these dates, no refunds—including for absences due to illness, late arrivals, weather, or parking difficulties—will be granted.

Cancellation processing fees are $25 per canceled registration and $5 per course. The minimum refund allowed is $10. Refunds will be issued in March 2020.


Mailing of badges/tickets will begin December 26, 2019, and continue through January 3, 2020. For registrations received after January 3, 2020, badges/tickets must be picked up at the Registration Desk in the BCEC North Lobby. Registrants with a balance due will not receive badges and tickets until full payment is received. If you have not received a confirmation by December 31, 2019, please call Yankee Customer Service.

Your registration materials will include an informative cover letter, name badge, and tickets if purchased. Your name badge will have a barcode, which can be scanned to receive desired exhibitor information at the meeting. Registration materials will not be mailed outside of the U.S. and must be picked up on-site.

The MDS reserves the right to audit or adjust any total charges due to registrant errors. You will be billed for all materials not picked up on-site and any updates made. Yankee will enforce collection, and failure to pay will adversely affect participation in future meetings. Yankee reserves the right to apply any money received to past outstanding balances.

The MDS reserves the right to review each registration for the appropriateness of the selected registration category. Those who register incorrectly will be changed to the correct registration type and charged the associated fee.

Lost Badges and Ticket Replacement

Replacement fee for lost badges or tickets is $15. Attendees are required to show proof of purchase and picture identification to receive a replacement. Go to the Registration Desk to resolve lost badge/ticket questions.


Walk-ins are discouraged for free ticketed courses. In order to avoid sold out courses, you should order a ticket through preregistration.

Other Registration Categories

Expo Only Registration
Expo Only badges will not be mailed and should be picked up at Self Registration during Exhibit Hall hours. The badge is valid for one day. Exhibit Hall only and ARE NOT eligible to attend courses or receive CE credits for general attendance except for the Bank of America Pavilion, Benco Pavilion, Crest + Oral-B Center for Excellence, Dental Office Pavilion, Patterson Pavilion, Pediatric Pavilion, Product Navigator Live, Product Spotlight Lounge, and CE on the Exhibit Hall Floor courses.

All postdoctoral and dental students (including hygiene, assisting, and technician) in New England will be preregistered through their school free of charge before September 27, 2019. On Saturday, February 1, 2020, Yankee will be hosting the Ninth Annual ASDA Student Debate as well as many other opportunities for students; please visit the Yankee Student Page for more details. Students wishing to register for a tuition class may modify their registration online or use the update form, provide their assigned registration number, and enclose the appropriate course fee. Students may take one course from a predetermined list at no charge.

Medical Professional Registration

A registration category is available for those who are employed in the medical field but are not dental professionals. Physicians and veterinarians are excluded from this category and should register at the member rate.

On-Site Services

Restaurant Reservation Service
Make dinner reservations quickly and conveniently with the Concierge Service located in the BCEC. 

Special Needs
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Yankee will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities at the meeting. Please submit your request in writing no later than December 10, 2019, to Jennifer Thai, Massachusetts Dental Society, Two Willow Street, Southborough, MA 01745.

Lost and Found
BCEC: If you find an item in the convention center, please turn it in at the Welcome Center in the North Lobby. If you lose an item, please check at the Welcome Center.
Hotels: If you find an item in a hotel, please turn it in to the Front Desk of that hotel. If you lose an item at a hotel, please check at the Front Desk for assistance.

First Aid
The First Aid Room is located on the second floor of the BCEC, Room 201.

Nursing Room
The Nursing Room is located on the second floor of the BCEC, Room 202. 

Business Services  
FedEx Office is the exclusive business center for all show exhibitors and attendees at the BCEC and is located in the North Lobby, Level 1.

Coat Check 
Coat check service is available Thursday through Saturday. Coat check stations are located in the North Lobby and at the East and West entrances on Level 1 of the BCEC.

Beware of Unauthorized Solicitations

Note that onPeak is the only official hotel provider associated with our event.
While other hotel resellers may contact you offering accommodations for your trip, they are not endorsed by or affiliated with the show. Beware that entering into financial agreements with non-endorsed companies can have costly consequences. 

Note that Convention Data Services is the only official registration provider with our event.
To ensure that you are being directed to the proper services provided by Yankee all registration pages will have the Convention Data Services’ logo and/or the language in the URL, and all confirmations will be from emails that end in




Official Meeting Vendor

Making Yankee Green

Yankee Dental Congress and its contractors are committed to improving sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment.

No more than five Program Books will be sent to each office. Please share with your colleagues! If you would like additional books please call 877.515.9071. Please note all information can be found on

Handout materials for all courses are available for download directly from the mobile app or  to your device.



Convention Data Services (CDS) the registration provider for Yankee Dental Congress is committed to being environmentally responsible in all their business practices. 

Environmental Product Standards

CDS offers a wide range of sustainable and environmentally responsible products made from biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, renewable, or reusable raw materials.

Badge Stock and Envelopes

Our badges are printed on paper made from eucalyptus, a recognized fast growing and renewable resource. Printed paper and envelopes can be recycled, recovered, and reused.

Badge Holders

Green badge holders are made with a biodegradable, clear, flexible, eight-gauge virgin corn-based film with a top load pocket.

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