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The criterion for eligibility for the award is "to recognize dentists of New England who have dedicated much of their professional lives to the high ideals and objectives of organized dentistry."

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2009 Recipient; Dr. Alan K. DerKazarian

Alan DerKazarianThe criteria for eligibility for the award are simple; “to recognize dentists of New England who have dedicated much of their professional lives to the high ideals and objectives of organized dentistry.”

Yankee Dental Congress is proud to announce Dr. Alan K. DerKazarian as the recipient of the 2009 James W. Etherington Award honoring his many contributions to organized dentistry. A graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry with a certificate in periodontology, Dr. DerKazarian has been in private practice in Cambridge, MA since 1963. He is a past president of the Massachusetts Dental Society where he also served in numerous volunteer positions at the organization, in his district, and in Yankee Dental Congress. He has played an active role in the Armenian-American Dental Association serving as its treasurer and president. Dr. DerKazarian currently serves on the ADA Council on Members Insurance and Retirement Plans. In addition, he is active in community affairs but saves plenty of time to dote regularly on his five grandchildren and root for the Red Sox.



Video Interview

Please click on the question to see Dr. DerKazarian's answer.

1) Why did you choose dentistry as a career?

DerKazaran Video 1


2) When and why did you get involved in organized dentistry?

DerKazaran Video 2


3) Looking back, is there one time/event that stands out for you with organized dentistry or with the Yankee Dental Congress?

DerKazaran Video 3


4) How has organized dentistry change since you have been involved?

DerKazaran Video 4.1


5) How has Yankee changed?

DerKazaran Video 5


6) What were your thoughts about receiving the 2009 Etherington Award?

DerKazaran Video 6


7) What are your recollections of Dr. Etherington?

DerKazaran Video 7


8) How has your past volunteer experience, including volunteering with the Yankee Dental Congress and acting as past president of the MDS, contributed to your work as a dentist?

DerKazaran Video 8


  1. 9) Additional comments 
DerKazaran Video 9







Etherington Award Past Recipients

Past recipients have been;

 Dr. James W. Etherington (MA-1976)  Dr. Charles Hapcook (MA-1994)
 Dr. Hubert McGuirl (RI-1977)  Dr. Henry Pollard (ME-1995)
 Dr. J. Murray Gabel (MA-1978)  Dr. Edwin Mehlman (RI-1995)
 Dr. James Rubin (CT-1979)  Dr. A. Howard McLaughlin (CT-1997)
 Dr. John J. Houlihan (NH-1981)  Dr. Gerald Carrier ( MA-1998)
 Dr. James Kershaw (RI-1982)  Dr. Leo Kiernan (MA-1999)
 Dr. Joseph G. DiStasio (MA-1983)  Dr. David Neumeister (VT-2000)
 Dr. S. Patric Scavotto (MA-1984)  Dr. Howard A. Bates (ME-2001)
 Dr. William McKenna (MA-1985)  Dr. Ronald M. Chaput (MA-2002)
 Dr. Robert Shira (MA-1986)  Dr. Clark A. Sammartino (RI-2003)
 Dr. Phillip Wiliams (MA-1988)  Dr. Michael S. Swartz (MA-2004)
 Dr. George Ferguson (MA-1989)  Dr. James Schmidt (ME-2005)
 Dr. Joseph Yacovone (RI-1990)  Dr. Norman Becker (MA-2006)
 Dr. Floyd Williams (NH-1991)  Dr. David Stahl (NH-2007)
 Dr. Herbery Schilder (MA-1992)  Dr. Howard I. Mark (CT-2008)
 Dr. Raymond Nagle (NH-1993)  Dr. Alan DerKazarian (MA-2009)



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