MDS Member Spotlight

MDS Members – We want you!

To show your speaking talents at Yankee Dental Congress 2022!

The Yankee 2022 Program Committee is seeking five MDS member dentists to each offer a 1 hour continuing education course. A variety of speaker topics addressing clinical dentistry and practice management will be accepted for review. Programs must be educational in nature providing fair and full disclosure and equitable balance of all aspects of the topic being presented. No endorsement, commercialism, or selling will be permitted. All program materials must not contain promotional influence and content.

The MDS Member Spotlight will be held on Thursday, January 27, 2022 and a timeslot will be assigned to each speaker.

All applications will be evaluated by the 2022 Yankee Program Member Spotlight Chair for topic, content, and description.

Please submit the following:

Speaker Information

  • Name, address, email address, and phone number
  • Resume/CV • Color photo

Course Information

  • Title (no more than 78 characters including spaces and punctuation)
  • Course Description (5-7 sentences)
  • Learning Objectives (6-8, After this course attendees will be able to:)

Room Setup

The room will be setup theater style with the following standard audiovisual equipment:

Standing lighted podium, Wireless lavaliere microphone, HD projector, Laser pointer, Wireless slide advancer, Laptop computer (speakers must bring their program on a flash-drive if using a computer presentation)

Projection screen (we do not offer a 3:1 screen)

Submit proposals to with the subject line: MDS Member Spotlight/Last Name by 12:00 pm July 30th for review.

Only MDS members in good standing will be considered.