Robert Schreibman, DMD
Yankee Dental Congress is pleased to present the prestigious 2015 Etherington Award to Dr. Robert Schreibman of Glastonbury, CT. This award is given annually in recognition of New England dentists who dedicate much of their professional lives to furthering the high ideals and objectives of organized dentistry.

A graduate of Tufts School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Schreibman pursued graduate training in pediatric dentistry and a Masters in Science and Dentistry at Boston University School of Dentistry. He also earned a MSOB (Master of Science in Organizational Behavior) from the University of Hartford. He is a fellow at the American College of Dentistry and the International College of Dentistry, president of the Connecticut Foundation for Dental Outreach, and is serving as a board member for the America’s Dentist’s Care Foundation and Connecticut Health Foundation. He has served as president in addition to volunteering as chair and working on various committees at the Connecticut State Dental Association. Dr. Schreibman is founder and partner of “Smiles for the Future” pediatric dental practice in Glastonbury, CT.

Noshir Mehta, BDS, DMD
Dr. Noshir Mehta, associate dean for global relations at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and international lecturer, has been selected as the 2015 Clinician of the Year. Specializing in the treatment of bruxism and TMJ disorders, he has helped educate other dentists at Yankee Dental Congress for over 10 years. In addition to teaching, he served as a Scientific Program Committee volunteer for over nine years.

Cheryl DiLisio, CDA
Cheryl Manchester DiLisio has been active in the dental field for over 35 years, first as a CDA and later as a volunteer. She has served locally on the East Middlesex board, as well as on the state level, including terms as president elect and president. Ms. DiLisio has been employed by the Swampscott Middle School for the past 19 years, as a professional in special education. She is a dynamic volunteer at Yankee Dental Congress, encouraging dental assisting students throughout the certification process.

Sandra Nicholas, RDH
Sandra Nicholas brings over 26 years of experience and a passion for helping others to achieve optimal dental health in her role as clinical dental hygienist for a prosthodontic practice in Beverly, MA. Nicholas has served as vice president, president elect, and president of the MDHA and for three years as the chair of the MDHA Annual Conference. Ms. Nicholas is a trustee for the North Shore Component and the 2010 MDHA Hygienist of the Year, North Shore Component award winner.

Janis Moriarty, DMD
Dr. Janis Moriarty has been involved with Yankee Dental Congress for nearly 20 years, volunteering wherever she was needed. She has been co-chair of the Programming, Scientific, and General Arrangements Committees, as well as the Women’s Conference, to name a few. Dr. Moriarty served as General Chair in 2011. She has been involved for many years with the YDC Oversight Committee and will be Hospitality co-chair for YDC 2016. Dr. Moriarty is a general dentist who owns a practice in Winchester, MA.

David Becker, DMD
This year’s Armen Nalband Award winner is Dr. David Becker, who has been a long time integral presence at both YDC and MDS. He has chaired both the Hospitality and Allied Science Committees and is a five-time co-chair of the Social and Cultural Committee for Yankee. Dr. Becker is a general dentist who is a partner in a group practice in Revere, MA.

Martha Gagne
Yankee Dental Congress is pleased to honor Marty Gagne with the Vivian Chaput award for her consistent service as a Yankee Dental Congress volunteer on the Social and Cultural Committee for more than 20 years. Mrs. Gagne enjoys the camaraderie of fellow volunteers and has been involved since the early days of Yankee. She knew and volunteered with the award’s namesake, Vivian Chaput, whom she refers to as a “great lady.”

Francesca A. Fusaro, RDH
Yankee Dental Congress is pleased to honor Francesca A. Fusaro, RDH, for her significant commitment to Yankee. She began her career in 1991 and has been a Yankee Dental Congress volunteer since 1998, serving as Presiding Chair and Room Coordinator. Ms. Fusaro has also been a valued member of the Hands-On Committee and Program Committee since 2008.

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