The following speakers have provided a disclosure of a financial /commercial relationship. 

Lee Ann Brady, DMD: The Pankey Institute
Paul Caselle, DDS: Biolase, Care Credit, Revenuewell, Cedr Solutions, PCIHipaa
Karen Davis, RDH: The Hu-Friedy Group, Periosciences, Ivoclar Vivadent, Tokuyama, Prisyna
Teresa Duncan: Ignite DA
Kathy Eklund, RDH: Consultant - Organization for Safety Asepsis and Procedures (OSAP) Honorariums for webinars, OSAP, New England AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC), Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine Continuing Education.
Mary Govoni CDA, RDH: Consultant for The HuFriedy Group
Laura Hatch: Care Credit & Solutionreach Dental Intelligence, Dental Warranty, Care Credit, Solutionreach, Employer: Dental Whale
Florian Hillen: CEO/Founder of VideaHealth, a dental AI company
Gerard Kugel DMD, PhD: Ivoclar Vivadent, Kerr, Kulzer, Proctor & Gamble, Pulpdent, Shofu, SprintRay, Ultradent, Voco, 3M Philips Pulpdent
Connie Kugel, RDH: Ivoclar Vivadent, Kerr, Kulzer, Proctor & Gamble, Pulpdent, Shofu, SprintRay, Ultradent, Voco, 3M, Pulpdent Employed by Convergent Dental August 2016-August 2017
Brian Novy, DDS: Previously consultant to Philips and Mars-Wrigley Previous lecture honoraria from: GC America, SDI, Straumann, Shofu, Xlear, SolutionReach, CariFree, AirTechniques, Ivoclar, Triodent, VOCO, GSK, and Church & Dwight.
Uche Odiatu, DMD: KOL for Philips and CareCredit  
Katherine Panikian, Esq: Employer: Eastern Dentists Insurance Company
Christine Taxin: Care Credit, Weave

Speakers that are not in the above listing have no relevant disclosures. 


Amber Auger, RDH:  Consultant for RDH Magazine.    
Kirk Behrendt, :  Consultant for ACT Dental ACT Dental.  
Joel Berg, DDS:  Consultant for Hu-Freidy,DMG, and Willo.  Willo Inc.  
Ken Berley, DDS, JD:  As a member of the Dental Sleep Apnea Team I receive compensation for mentoring dentists in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing. I receive honorariums for lecturing for various organizations  and dental meetings.  Legal representation for dentists that are facing legal challenges.
Patty Berley, :  As a member of the Dental Sleep Apnea Team I receive compensation from dental offices that require additional information and personalized education. Receive honorarium for lecturing and consulting from various organizations.   
David Clark, DDS:     Bioclear Matrix.
Jamie Collins, RDH:  Consultant, Young. Honorarium, Paro, Young.  
Gary DeWood, DDS:   Honorarium, Yankee Dental Meeting.   Income, Spear Education.
 Serge Dibart, DMD:   Honorarium on occasion from  Acteon.   
Marianne Dryer, RDH:   Honorarium, Acteon USA.   
Teresa Duncan, MS:  Odyssey Management, Inc. - owner.    
Cynthia Fong, RDH:     Ultrasonic Hands On Workshop will be on loan and provided by DENTSPLY Sirona.  Clinical Educator with DENTSPLY from 1986 - 2003.
David Galler, DMD:  Consultant, Align Faculty.   President American Academy of Clear Aligners. Income, Aspen Dental SVP. Glenn Hanna, MD: Grants,  Bristol-Myers Squibb, Exicure, GlaxoSmithKline, Altor, BioScience, Kite Pharma, Regeneron, Sanofi, Kartos Therapeutics, ASCO/CCF V Foundation. Consultant, Regeneron, Sanofi (12/6/18) Bristol-Myers Squibb (2/5/19) Maverick Therapeutics (3/7/19) Merck (6/21/19) Kura (8/1/19). Honorarium, Regeneron, Sanofi (12/6/18) Bristol-Myers Squibb (2/5/19) Maverick Therapeutics (3/7/19) Merck (6/21/19) Kura (8/1/19).   
Irene Iancu, RDH:   Support for Honorarium provided by 3M.   
Kelli Jaecks, RDH:   Honorarium often sponsored by3M Oral Care, and/or P&G-Crest/Oral B.   
Cathy Jameson, PhD:   Honorarium, CareCredit   
Arthur Jeske, DMD, PhD:   Honorarium, Ebix Oakstone Publishing, Springer Publishing, Texas Dental Association, Dallas District Dental Society, UTHealth, Univeristy of Michigan School of Dentistry.   
Parag Kachalia, DDS:  Consultant, Komet. Honorarium, Kavo Kerr, 3M, Ivoclar, GC America, Ultradent.   Lisa Knowles, DDS:  Consultant, Colgate Mercer. Honorarium, Colgate WooBamboo! Care Credit.   
Anne Koch, DMD:  Consultant for Brasseler USA.    Gerard Kugel, DMD, PhD: Grants, Research at Tufts University - Ivoclar Vivadent, Kerr, Kulzer, Proctor & Gamble, Pulpdent, Shofu, SprintRay, Ultradent, Voco, 3M. Consultant, Philips. Honorarium, Ivoclar Vivadent, Pulpdent.   
Connie Kugel, RDH:     Employment at Convergent Dental ended 8/2017.
Douglas Lambert, DDS:    Stock, Margin Perfect Matrix, LTD.  
Mark Lerman, DMD:     Faculty- Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.
David Little, DDS:  Clinical Director of Little Implant Company, LLC.   
Steven LoCascio, DDS:  Consultant, Zimmer Biomet Southern Implants North America Dental CE Solutions.    
Tieraona Low Dog, MD:  Consultant, Dr. Low Dog's Apothecary, LLC.    
Stanley Malamed, DDS:  Consultant, Septodont Inc (manufacturer of local anesthetics) Healthfirst Corporation (manufacturer of emergency drug kits).    
Marble, :      SciCan Inc. employee.
Michael Melkers, DDS:     Whipmix provides material and equipment support for this program.
Jaimee Morgan, DDS:  Consultant Ultradent Products, Inc.   Course materilas provided by  Ultradent Products, Inc.
Nosti, DMD:   Honorarium,Clinical Mastery Series. Received a  Powerfill system from Ivoclar Vivadent at no charge including a curing light and bulk fill composite.  Income, Clinical Mastery Series lecture continuum.
 Brian Novy, DDS:  Consultant, Phillips, Mars-Wrigley. Previous lecture honoraria from: GC America, Straumann, Shofu, Xlear, Solution Reach, Air Techniques, CariFree, Ivoclar, Triodent, SDI, Voco, GSK, Church & Dwight.  Employee of the Alliance Dental Center
Jan Palmer, :  Dental Sleep Apnea Team co-founder (DSAT Sleep)    
Noel Paschke, RDH:      Spouse is an ultrasonic engineer and does consulting work with many different companies.
Helen Raynham, MD, PhD:  Consultant for Surgical Specialities.   Partner at Dermcare Physicians and Surgeons.
Penny Reed, :   Speaking in AADOM sponsorship slot.   Book signing will be conducted at AADOM booth. David Rice, DDS:      As the founder of igniteDDS, the company has vendor partners as follows: Patterson Dental; Dentsply-Sirona; Wells-Fago; Hu-Friedy; 3M; Ivoclar-Vivadent; DMG; Designs for Vision.
Chris Salierno, DDS:     Chief Editor, Dental Economics.
Todd Schoenbaum, DDS:     On previous occasions, I have received honoraria from Nobel Biocare, BioHorizons, and 3M ESPE. Leonard Tau, DMD:   Honorarium from Birdeye.   Comission from Birdeye.
Thomas Van Dyke, DDS, PhD: Grant, NIH.   Stock, Nocendra, Inc. Noveome, Inc.  Income, Noveome, Inc. Alessandro Villa, DDS, PhD: Research grant support from Bristol Meyers Squibb.     
Julie Whiteley, RDH:  Former employee of Summit Dental Partners Consulting.    Income, regular contributing writer for  PennWell Publishing (now Endeavor Business Media, LLC), RDH Magazine, and for a partnership publication with Sunstar (RDH Graduate Newsletter).
Jessica Wilson, MPH: Employed by Hu-Friedy Mfg. LLC.