Yankee 2022 Registration is Now Open

Contract for 2022 Booth Space

If your company has restrictions in place that prevent you from contracting at this time, Contact Us to discuss options.

How to Contract Online for Yankee:

  1. Navigate to https://hub.massdental.org/yankeedental
  2. Select the objects you are buying. ie: Exhibit Space for contracting for booths
  3. Once you've selected your product(s), click on "Log in to Add to Cart" 
  4. Enter your <unique email> in the Email box as prompted
    • If you are a first-time user click “Don’t have an account” and follow the prompts
    • If you forgot your password, click "Forgot Your Password" and follow the prompts.
  5. Please fill in all sections so we have your most recent information. If you wish to only pay half of your booth space at this time you MUST enter “PAYHALF” in the coupon code before you submit your credit card information.

This Yankee cart system is like many shopping carts you experience in e-commerce. Please contact us with any questions.

12 Reasons Why the BCEC is ready to host Yankee 2022

COVID-19 temporarily changed the way we use our venues, but what didn’t change is the BCEC's commitment to customer excellence and service to the public. And now, they are ready to get back to doing what they do best – learn more about the BCEC hosting world-class events and bringing people back together.

Attendance Figures

Yankee Virtual 2021

Basic Pass Holders - 4,503
Power Pass Holders - 3,136
The Yankee attendance numbers include 2,331 dentists.


Yankee 2020 

Dentists: 7,679
Dental Students: 2,296
Hygienists: 5,007
Assistants: 4,042
Office Personnel: 1,045
Technicians: 36
Guests: 889
Press: 27
Exhibitors: 4,065

Total: 25,085